Secure FIR

Let investigators create FIR using smartphones or tablets and store it securely, protecting it from tampering.

Digitize courts

Digitally record and store courtroom data and proceedings for easy search, curation and analytics.

Beyond the courtroom

View live happenings as they happen in the courtroom without being physically present.

Monitoring, recording saving the Interrogations!

The aim of a criminal interrogation is to obtain information from a suspect that the suspect does not want to divulge. With Evidencer, we can record the course of interrogations in the prisons and police interrogation rooms as a real time proof.

Complete investigative and courtroom solution that will change the way justice and legal proceedings are handled. Evidencer lets you record, analyse, search data and digitize physical evidences to provide you with a secure and reliable courtroom experience.


Being physically present in a courtroom proceeding or police interrogation is not an ideal scenario when the witness or the accused are at risk. With Evidencer, interrogations or case proceedings can now happen within the safe premises of the prison or police room. This is possible with broadcasting feature that lets you attend a hearing without being actually present in the court.


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Evidencer Components


E-Court-A fully sophisticated courtroom experience

E – Court is an integral part of a world-class judicial system, where to build or upgrade the existing courts with new technologies that would incorporate many improvement initiatives to enhance the experience of court users. One of the initiatives focuses on enhancing the recording of court proceedings by implementing a – digital audio & video recording system in the courts for Advanced Digital evidence System

IBM-powered Evidencer

Evidencer is powered with leading technologies from IBM that involve Intelligent Video Analytics, security and robust Framework.


Why Evidencer?