A Passion for Social Responsibility make dreams comes true.

SenzIT launched in 2008 and has been a successful global innovator of Information Technology products, consulting and services since origin. Spanning across the world in growing business countries like Australia, UAE, Singapore and India, we are making the world a better place to live by “Sensing Information Technology”.

We are dedicated to providing digital recording and content workflow correlation management and cognitive solutions for the whole justice system with a focus on delivering safer, smarter cities.

Our partnership with technology giant IBM has given us a clear path for uplifting our Evidencer Platform. SenzIT along with IBM aims to complement our justice system by providing exclusive video analytics, predictive analytics and cognitive business intelligence in addition to rising VR/ AR technologies thus paving the way for a connected, smarter justice system. We are indeed fortunate in having a powered artificial intelligence suite integrated with our Evidencer platform thus raising the wonder of our product to the best of the breed solutions.

The video captured in courtrooms, police stations, immigrations, public citizen can be reviewed while critical conclusions can be derived after analyzing and correlating the data. Our Smarter Justice solution will outsmart all other solutions due to its capability for predicative analytics by using the latest IBM Watson Artificial intelligence technology.

Welcome to the Cognitive Era!!


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