Evidencer AI
From Data to insight! All in one single integrated platform.

The crime and critical event data recorded and captured from Evidencer suite are directed to the IBM Intelligent Operation Centre where it is restructured and analyzed for decision making by using Watson Explorer to provide better informed justice.

It enables the justice system to monitor its services and operations to facilitate insightful, decision-making Evidencer Artificial Intelligence. This approach helps provide effective event response management and coordination.

  • Watson Explorer is a next-generation, unified information access and content analytics platform that reveals insights in all your structured and unstructured data, so you can access, organize, and intelligently take action on a holistic view of your data to improve customer disposals and decisions.
  • Easy-to-use interface that helps applications to facilitate data exchange and improve efficiency.
  • Enable courts and law enforcement to gather complete, relevant information from many sources to build a case.
  • Process automation streamlines the management of court cases and highlights time-sensitive cases.
  • It provides an executive dashboard to depict the overall status of a reported crime and critical events and correlate with historical data.
  • Data insights by analysing large volumes of case data using Evidencer Watson Explorer which aids the judges for critical decisions.


  • IBM Intelligent Operations Centre processes data feeds and event information from individual departments to help improve the operational efficiency of the state and federal justice system on a single integrated platform powered by Evidencer AI.
  • Assists the courts and law enforcement agencies close cases faster through a better informed process.
  • Helps enforce and apply rules, timing exceptions, tolerance levels and other processes, facilitating the effective management and fair handling of court cases.
  • An intelligent approach to integrated case management
  • Efficiently manage it through the entire court system making case information accessible across the organization