Evidencer Law Enforcement

Law enforcement agencies need new, smarter solutions. They need ways to harness information to better understand problems, develop better ways to deliver services, respond faster to threats and streamline the investigation and prosecution of cases.

App developed on a secured Mobile first framework
2-4 channel Audio and Video capturing
Speech to Text
Independent channel recording for a better quality of data
Real time language translation
Tone analyzer
Sentimental Analysis


  • Cognitive automation of police interrogation with Artificial intelligence.
  • Easily convert audio and voice into written text for quick understanding of content.
  • Translate speech to text from one language to another in real Time.
  • Interpret and classify natural language with confidence.
  • Predict personality characteristics, needs and values through written text.
  • Understand emotions and Tone analysis in real time.
  • Provide robust foundation for additional analytics solutions, enabling them to increase the value of information in fighting crime.
  • Bring together information from databases of citations on criminals, field reporting systems, video surveillance systems, social media sources and connected to intelligent command & control center.