Evidencer Smarter Justice

Evidencer Smart-Court System is an integral part of a world-class justice system that enables existing courts to build or upgrade technologically advanced systems that enhance the experience of court users. One of the initiatives focuses on implementation of an advanced digital evidence system to record court proceedings.

Digital recording can be an effective means of capturing, archiving and visualizing a court record. Evidencer SCS will correlate and analyze previous case records from other related departments like Law enforcement to give an advisory device to the judge using IBM Watson Artificial intelligence.

App developed on a secured Mobile first framework
4 Channel
Speech to Text
Four independent audio and video channels for a better quality of data
Intelligent data capture, playback recordings
Lognote recording with date and timestamp
Real-time language translation
Tone analyzer
Sentimental Analysis


  • Evidencer Smart court system is an intelligent scalable cognitive solution on a highly secured platform.
  • Reduce overall operational cost of justice department by connecting prisons and courts for case trials.
  • Reduce the administrative cost with Evidencer Officer which provides automated speech to text, language translation in real time using advance advanced Watson Artificial Intelligence.
  • Advanced Intelligent Video Analytics and IBM Watson technology for facial recognition.
  • Can integrate with any existing case management system with a plug-in module with the power of IBM Artificial intelligence.
  • Seamlessly integrate with any existing infrastructure and video conferencing solutions.
  • Central Broadcasting Server lets you broadcast live happenings in courtrooms or during police interrogations to a user anywhere in the world.