Law Enforcement
Proactive - Predict and Prevent Crime!!

Law enforcement agencies need new, smarter solutions. They need ways to harness information to better understand problems, develop better ways to deliver services, respond faster to threats and streamline the investigation and prosecution of cases.

Evidencer Law Enforcement solutions incorporate a range of best-of-breed technologies from IBM and Business Partners to address critical law enforcement challenges. These solutions can help agencies collect, integrate, analyze, visualize and distribute information to officers anywhere—in operations centers, investigative offices, on patrol or at a scene— while sharing information with other organizations.

Data visualization, real-time collaboration and analytics capabilities can help agencies monitor city areas, predict and respond more effectively to crimes, streamline case management and collaborate in the management of major events and emergencies.

“Police and State Security organizations are going to have to respond much faster to the changing information and intelligence opportunities presented by big data, predictive policing and social media.”

ICT Executive DirectorLiam Kidd, An Garda Síochána


Cut crime, save time and optimize resources by using data driven insights to help know what’s coming. Take advantage of structured and unstructured data sources — including incident reports, surveillance, sensor and social media content.


By combing Evidencer Law enforcement solution and powerful analytical and cognitive capabilities with a rich set of integrated data sourced from your established applications. Using both structured data—such as crime and criminal data—with unstructured data—such as officer notes, social media and Audio, video data—you can:
  • Optimize resources and how they are deployed.
  • Monitor, measure and reduce crime
  • Improve situational awareness by delivering information to the field where and when it's needed
  • Achieve swifter responses and smarter use of resources
  • Improve budgeting and planning by knowing what’s likely to happen tomorrow, next week or next month


Built on an integrated software platform, this solution provides agencies with the means to make the best use of people and information at hand to monitor, measure, and predict crime and crime trends. When various sources of structured and unstructured data are brought together and made available for analysis, situational understanding is improved, safer neighborhoods and a better place to live.

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